Artists as context providers / Artistas como proveedores de contexto

There’s always been interest in conducting artistic research into the city, considering it as urban space, place, site, urban context, but also as space for participation, an environment where artists can build strategies of appropriation: in sum, a platform for exchange between visual artists, architects, theorists, philosophers and curators.

When artists confront the city, time and space transform. Under the influence of the artist, the city becomes another land, as much as artists themselves are influenced by the powers of the urban environment. So, both the artist and the city begin a process of becoming- other. This could transform the city into a strange and unfamiliar place because there is room for artists to elude the present, to be travelers with or without destinations in mind. By these reasons they have the chance to become ‘context providers’ rather than ‘content providers’.

The above was written in the context of TOPOVIDÉOGRAPHIES  curated by Pamela Prado and we bring the text here as an extended reflection on artists/contexts/curating. For more information, please visit:


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